1. TRANSISCOPE aggregates citizen alternatives. These are initiatives created by individuals or groups of individuals who take their decisions independently of any input from governments, political parties or religious bodies.

2. These alternatives constitute tangible responses to a systemic crisis at any level, from local to global. A non-exhaustive list might include the climate emergency, social and humanitarian crises and the crisis of the capitalist economic model; these challenges are considered to be interconnected.

3. They seek to develop one or several commons. They must show through their governance, economic model, working structures and investment choices that they are focused on the common good and not the advancement of any individual interest.

4. TRANSISCOPE is unequivocal in rejecting practices that are violent, discriminatory, anti-democratic, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic or racist.

5. Lastly, we promote alternatives that are committed to a process that is open and participative, sharing their know-how, social skills, knowledge and practices.

These first four criteria are cumulative and must be respected in full and without reserve. The first criterion is important to us but is not strictly speaking mandatory.

This charter is reviewed by the TRANSISCOPE steering committee at least once a year and can be altered if all members agree unanimously.
Sources and partners undertake to provide alternatives that respect this charter.


TRANSISCOPE makes information visible but does not centralize all the datas. Each producer remains responsible for the quality of its data. Information available on the platform are published under the licence of the initial data source (open data or creative commons licence).